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It took Colin Kaepernick nearly a half hour to look comfortable throwing wholesale autographed jerseys a pass Thursday night, a short out to Stevie Johnson that ended the first half.

Kaepernick and the Niners were booed a second time right after that completion, and they headed in at halftime down 13 to make cheap practice jerseys adjustments after Kaepernick hit just seven of his first 16 passes in their 19-3 loss to the Seahawks. He threw a pick on a pass right to the gut of Richard Sherman early in the first quarter and -- on at least four other occasions -- missed his wide receiver in a catchable situation.

Kaepernick finished 16 of 29 for 121 yards and two picks. cheap youth practice football jerseys The second interception was also to Sherman, and once again, featured Sherman simply reading Kaepernick's eyes to the football.

This was one of those games in which everything snowballs. Peyton Manning endured it against the same defense less than a year ago in the wholesale football practice jerseys Super Bowl. Seattle has a way of doing this, especially when the Cover-2 man is firing and the read option is offering little reprieve.

But in a game that could seriously alter the 49ers' postseason plans, how much is the loss an indictment on where Kaepernick is as a quarterback?

We can count the reads he missed. wholesale youth football practice jerseys We can wonder why he insisted on throwing at Sherman as many times as he did, especially when Sherman was covering Brandon Lloyd (and we can also wonder why Lloyd was getting targeted over Vernon Davis at a five-to-one ratio at one point). We can point to the visible indecision Kaepernick showed on several scrambles. We can chuckle when he passes up a wide-open check down in the third-quarter to his running back, and instead hurls the ball into the end zone to his fullback, who is blanketed by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.


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